Wic Wac Woe

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Silenced Voice

he says I love you
why did you break me?
while she says nothing

she wants to say something
but lacks the courage to speak

she wants to say
you don't have to do this
I can help you through
we can rise above all
that tears us apart
and fix our damaged hearts

or to say
I didn't mean to hurt you
I ran away because I
have never cared about anyone
as close to as much as
I care about you

or maybe to say
pick up that bottle and
take another swig
I don't care if you
put down the gun
or if you pull the trigger
because I'm nothing without you

the one thing she wants
to say most is
i love you too
but she doesn't
she remains silent
until the shot rings out
into the night air

the realisation of what he has done
suddenly hits him and
he points the gun in another direction...

When they meet up in heaven
she simply asks him why
and all he replies is
because you stayed silent

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